5 July TV Debuts We Can't Wait to Watch

We're almost midway through the year, and more importantly, we're also almost finished with one of the more dull months for TV premieres of the year. July holds a lot more promise, with plenty of old favorites making a triumphant return. Here are just five you should tune into.

White Collar

Even if Neal fled the country for the best of reasons - to escape being forced to work with Peter's superior, who refuses to allow his sentence to be commuted - he's still a fugitive once more, and that's going to make things difficult for this show to get back to its status quo very easily. With new love interests, new threats - Watch for Mekhi Phifer as a manhunter out to bring Neal back to the US - and, of course, Mozzie continuing to steal every scene he's in, this'll be a welcome return for the show. (July 10 at 8pm Eastern/Pacific on USA)


Expect a soft reboot for the best heist show on television in its fifth season, as the crew move to Portland, OR (where the show's actually been shot for years) to escape the heat as a result of the end of last year and the relationships established throughout the fourth season continue to change the dynamic of the team. Things won't change too much, though; there'll still be all manner of guest stars (Adam Baldwin, Matthew Lillard and Fred Ward will all show up, the latter in an episode about D.B. Cooper) and some fine helpings of social justice. As it should be, then. (July 15 at 8pm Eastern/Pacific on TNT)

Breaking Bad

I don't think I need to add anything more to this, really:

(July 15 at 10pm Eastern/Pacific on AMC)

Warehouse 13

Wait, there's still a Warehouse 13? Wasn't the warehouse actually destroyed at the end of the last season? The show's love of season cliffhangers outdid itself with "Stand," and if nothing else, it'll be worth tuning in for "A New Hope" (Oh, you nerds and your Star Wars references) to see just how they dig themselves out of this particular plot hole. Not to mention, of course, the usual slick brand of mythology, comedy and action that the show does so well. But still: They destroyed the Warehouse. That's pretty important. (July 23 at 9pm Eastern/Pacific on Syfy)


A second year for the surprisingly strong superhuman series from Syfy and, no, that wasn't intentionally lots of "s"s in a row there. After a year of quietly building paranoia, the show enters season 2 with a new showrunner (Bruce Miller, from Eureka, a new status quo (the world knows that people with superpowers exist) and a brand new addition to the cast in Erin Way. Will it be the same show it was last year? We'll find out in a few weeks. (July 23 at 10pm Eastern/Pacific on Syfy)

Enki Bilal’s Monster

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