5 Female Super Villains Ready For the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Since updates and rumors about Marvel Studios' movie plan past 2015's "Ant-Man" are starting to appear, we're getting closer and closer to finding out which bad guys will start cracking their knuckles as they get ready to have a go at some of Earth's mightiest. We already know that villains like Batroc the Leaper, Crossbones, Arnim Zola, Ultron and Baron Von Strucker will appear in the upcoming films "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron," but all those bad guys have one thing in common: they're all dudes.

To date, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to employ a single female adversary, something that other studios in the superhero business haven't had a problem doing. Fox has cast women as antagonists in nearly every X-Men film (Mystique, Lady Deathstrike, Callisto, Angel and Viper), and Warner Bros. introduced a pair of lethal ladies in recent years ("Man of Steel's" Faora and the anti-hero Catwoman in "The Dark Knight Rises"). This fall's "Guardians of the Galaxy" will mark the debut of Marvel's first female villain -- Karen Gillan's deadly bounty hunter Nebula.

"Doctor Who" Alum Karen Gillan Joins "Guardians of the Galaxy"

But one female super villain isn't enough! CBR News conducted an informal Twitter poll to find out which bad-ass women comic book fans want to see on the big screen. Here are the top five female villains Marvel should consider using in upcoming films.


With Loki left a little preoccupied at the end of "Thor: The Dark World," this Asgardian mischief-maker could easily pick up his villainous slack and give Midgard's heroes some trouble. Amora's been a thorn in Thor's side for almost as long as he's been around, and she even gave the Avengers some trouble in their early days. With her superhuman physical prowess and her manipulative mind, she could easily hold her own against a group of Marvel heroes -- and she should.

Should Appear In: "Thor 3," "Avengers 3"

Madame Masque

As the daughter of the all-powerful and all-evil Count Nefaria, Whitney Frost comes by her predilection for dastardly deeds honestly. While she has no superhuman abilities, she is a criminal mastermind and highly skilled combatant, meaning that she can outthink and outfight pretty much anyone that gets in her way. As a frequent Iron Man villain, Masque's likelihood of making it onto the big screen might depend on whether or not there's another "Iron Man" left in Robert Downey, Jr., or if Don Cheadle's Rhodey will get a solo film. If not, Masque's recent decision to torment Hawkeye in his current Marvel Comics series might make her a fitting foe, should the archer ever get a film.

Should Appear In: "Iron Patriot," "Hawkeye"


Thanks to her membership in the long-running Thunderbolts team, former psychiatrist Karla Sofen has had almost as much time in the spotlight as the heroes she fights. Whereas most of her T-bolts teammates strived to shed their villainous personas, Moonstone doubled-down on her determination to be the best villain she could be. With her Kree-given abilities of flight, superhuman strength and intangibility, Sofen even posed as Ms. Marvel for a period of time in Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers. Seeing this fascinating character manipulate both the heroes and villains for her own personal gain would make for an entertaining film; Marvel needs to make room for Moonstone.

Should Appear In: "Captain Marvel," "Avengers 3"


With Hugo Weaving not coming back to a Marvel movie anytime soon, the "Captain America" franchise has a big Red Skull void to fill. Fortunately, Johann Schmidt had a daughter named Sinthea. Sin proved to be just as mad and ruthless as her father during the 2011 event "Fear Itself," where she wielded the ancient Norse Hammer of Skadi, led a Nazi takeover of Washington D.C., and seemingly killed Bucky Barnes. This over-achiever went from being one of her father's pawns to nearly bringing down the Avengers. If Marvel Studios wants to start doing team-up movies, they can't go wrong with a little Sin.

Should Appear In: "Captain America & Thor," "Captain America 3"


Mary MacPherran debuted during Marvel's first event series, "Secret Wars," and she's gone on to become a major adversary for She-Hulk and Spider-Man, despite her severe arachnophobia. As a sickly girl from a suburb of Denver who was granted super strength by Doctor Doom, Titania has one of the more compelling villain origin stories. Instead of using her powers to turn against Doom, though, she instead let the power go to her head and embarked on a life of crime, oftentimes side-by-side with the "love" of her life, Absorbing Man. Considering how popular "Man of Steel's" resident bruiser Faora was with pretty much everyone, Marvel would do well to consider adding Titania to their cinematic universe. After all, someone's going to have to fist fight a Hulk eventually.

Should Appear In: "Incredible Hulk 2," "She-Hulk," Netflix's "Luke Cage"

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on Marvel Studios' Phase Three Plans.

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