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5 Fearsome Villains We Want to See Menace “Gotham” Season 2

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5 Fearsome Villains We Want to See Menace “Gotham” Season 2

In a year loaded with Hollywood superhero action, no project approached its source mythology as uniquely as “Gotham,” a series dedicated to exploring the time immediately following the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents and the subsequent events that will lead to his eventual transformation into the Dark Knight. Without a Batman to hang its cape on, the series quickly established a number of the hero’s eventual nemeses, with a first season introducing to young, not-yet-developed incarnations of the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and even lesser known villains such as Black Mask, Dollmaker and the Ogre.

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Despite that impressive line up, there remains plenty of villains from which to choose for “Gotham’s” second season. The producers have already mentioned some of the classic Batman foes we name below, so you can bet your batarangs that some of these evil doers will soon make things even more difficult for James Gordon and the GCPD. Of course, with dozens and dozens of bad guys to choose from, who would be the best fit for the series as it heads into its sophomore season? CBR has a few ideas…

Mr. Freeze

Despite his status as one of the most iconic Bat villains ever, Mr. Freeze has never been taken totally seriously in live action. Though his eventual armor-encased incarnation is a bit sci-fi for the show’s currently reality-grounded era, on can easily could imagine Victor Freeze introduced into the world of “Gotham,” perhaps as a research scientist working for Wayne Enterprises, desperately trying to find a cure for his wife Nora’s terminal condition. But whether we see Victor Freeze before he is trapped inside his fateful armor, or feel or the chilling fury of Mr. Freeze unleashed, one thing we’re sure of is that “Gotham” could do this ice hearted villain and his sad tale justice.


We haven’t really seen much by way of super powers on “Gotham,” but depending on which incarnation of this particular villain the producers opt to go with, the arrival of Clayface could change that. There have been no less than eight different villains that have used the name Clayface, each one of which could bring a unique form of villainy to the world of “Gotham.” Whether a take on the original Golden Age master of disguise Basil Karlo, or the pliable, shape-changing menace made famous in the cartoons and video games, we’d love to see how to see how the show would bring the villain into in the usually grounded world of “Gotham.”


Cluemaster might an obscure character in the annals of DC history but with an MO similar to that of Edward Nygma’s future self, he’d make a great mentor figure for the eventual Riddler. Or, if you prefer more confrontation than education, he could also prove the perfect foil for young Edward. Remember, despite the psychotic breakdown he suffered in the season finale, Nygma is still a member of the GCPD. Facing and outwitting a rising Cluemaster could be a trial by fire for Nygma as he continues down his wicked path.

Bonus Round: Sure, she’d be super-young, but an appearance by a newborn — or possibly pre-natal — Stephanie Brown would give Spoiler fans an unexpected and fun Easter egg surprise!

Mad Hatter

The twisted Jervis Tetch, another villain namedropped by “Gotham’s producers,” could be a great threat to Gordon and his men in season two. The Mad Hatter is another well known Bat villain that fans of the ’60s show will recognize, but he is also a character that has remained vital in today’s Batman comic adventures. The mind controlling, Lewis Carroll-obsessed madman is someone who could make James Gordon’s life more interesting — and dangerous — than ever.


Perhaps we’ll see Bane arrive to fill the villainous void left by the deaths of Fish Mooney, Sal Maroni and so many of those involved in the city’s organized crime. Tom Hardy’s portrayal of the nihilistic villain in “The Dark Knight Rises” gave the masked killer a legitimately high profile, and he’s a character whose arrival has actually been somewhat foreshadowed. In season one, we saw the arrival of the Venom drug into “Gotham,” an ominous precursor to the rise of the man who will one day break the Bat.

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