5 Deadpool Friends & Frenemies We Gotta See in the Sequel

Deadpool fans, your moment has arrived! There's a Deadpool movie in theaters right now -- and it has nothing to do with the mess of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine!" No doubt this is a big moment for fans of the Merc with a Mouth, as they've been waiting for this moment for a very long time. But after the dust settles on this opening weekend, fans both old and new will have another moment to wait for -- because a "Deadpool" sequel is already in the works.

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While a release date has not yet been set, Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson will return with more wisecracks in another feature film. With that in mind, there are a number of characters that need to be in the sequel -- and yes, one of them is Cable. We'll just get that out of the way now; the time-traveling, gun-toting cyborg mutant messiah is a no-brainer for inclusion and everyone involved with "Deadpool" wants to see him in the sequel. So, here are five of Deadpool's friends and foes -- in addition to Cable -- that we gotta see in "DP2."


Deadpool has known many loves in the comics, but few have gotten as deep inside his heart and brain as the mutant superhero called Siryn. In the comics, DP's infatuation with Siryn went from creepy quippy stalker territory to full on, genuinely upsetting in one of 'Pool's most potent tales of manipulation and heartache. If the sequel wants to up its game in the love interest department, pairing Deadpool with an incredibly competent -- and powerful -- superhero like the sonic-screaming X-Force member would provide for an entirely different sort of story. Plus, since the character is related to Banshee, it'd be a great way to keep that character's legacy alive following his disappearance from the franchise post-"X-Men: First Class."


Speaking of Siryn and Banshee, there's another member of the Cassidy clan that has ties to Deadpool. Black Tom Cassidy -- a mutant with the ridiculously specific power of generating concussive blasts through wood -- was one of Wade Wilson's first major enemies; the Irish criminal tormented the Merc in his second miniseries. They crossed paths because Cassidy needed a sample of Deadpool's healing factor (which he procured by slicing off Wade's hand) in order to survive. There's already a solid comic plot in place that puts these two on a collision course, and come on -- think of all the jokes that can be made involving "wood" and Deadpool losing a hand. The jokes practically write themselves.


Deadpool works best when he has a straight man to play off of, which is a role that allies like Weasel and Blind Al play. And then there's Montgomery. Monty is a heavily scarred precognitive paraplegic that was employed (with a dash of enslaved) by the intergalactic holding company Landau, Luckman & Lake. Montgomery got involved in DP's life when he foresaw the merc becoming an apocalypse-averting hero; saving the entire planet feels like big enough stakes for the sequel! As someone actually worse off than Deadpool in pretty much every way, Montgomery also brought out a different side of 'Pool. Just imagine Weasel and Wade's back and forth scene of insults, except this time it's Deadpool with the better looks.


Maybe "Deadpool 2" should eye an October release and up the spooky factor by including Wade's current wife, the succubus known as Shiklah. Despite being a recent addition to Deadpool's supporting cast (she debuted just two years ago), Shiklah has quickly become a character that fans love. Her true form is that of a massive, horned, purple demon, which would be totally new visual for "Deadpool's" relatively grounded world. She also socializes with werewolves and gorgons and rules over Monster Metropolis. Basically, if the supernaturally seductive Shiklah gets involved, "Deadpool 2" can veer into horror territory and really put that R rating to terrifying use.


Okay, we admit that this one seems as obvious as Cable. Reynolds and co-star T.J. Miller want to see it happen and the pair have an extensive history in the comics. The only problem is that Hugh Jackman has been very vocal about the upcoming "Wolverine 3" being his last turn as the clawed mutant after 16 years with the character. Still, this has gotta happen. These are the two toughest Marvel characters Fox owns, so it would be a waste if they never slash into each other -- and no, we're not counting "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Plus, they both have healing factors, so you know the battle would be brutal. And finally, don't you kinda wanna see what Wolverine would do in an R-rated movie?

Have a better idea for the sequel? Let us know in the comments who you think should appear.

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