5 Comic Book Roles for Matthew McConaughey

With A-List actors like Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Ben Affleck and Will Smith signing up to star in movies based on Marvel and DC properties, its no wonderAcademy Award winner Matthew McConaughey has expressed an interest in starring in a comic book blockbuster. The actor was one of many rumored to be up for the role of Doctor Strange and he recently admitted that he has read scripts from both Marvel and DC.

Matthew McConaughey Has Read for Marvel and DC Movie Roles

Following the reveal that he's up for signing a multi-film contract if the character is right, rumors broke out that Marvel already has the perfect role ready for the "Interstellar" and "True Detective" star -- villainous tycoon/tyrant Norman Osborn in their upcoming Spider-Man franchise. But McConaughey isn't getting fitted for a Goblin suit just yet; he could still sign on to play any character in either cinematic universe. With that in mind, here are the five roles that we want to see McConaughey play.

Wonder Man

If you're going to cast McConaughey in a Marvel role, you kinda want it to be one that will allow for him to share the screen with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and the rest of the A-List Avengers. That's why we want to see McConaughey as Wonder Man, one of the few remaining big deal Avengers that have yet to make it into a feature film. As this Hollywood stunt man turned actor turned hero, McConaughey would get to put all of his effortless charm and old school Hollywood swagger to work. Who better to play one of the biggest stars in the Marvel Universe than one of the most recognizable names in our universe?

Green Arrow

Stephen Amell's spot-on performance on "Arrow" has made the idea of introducing another live-action Oliver Queen a little tough, and that's exactly why someone as iconic as McConaughey should take on the task. In the comics, Green Arrow was continually portrayed as a grizzled, no-nonsense, outspoken archer. This version of the character has fallen by the wayside a bit, if only because he's been de-aged for television and the New 52. Since he's slightly older than Ben Affleck and the rest of the Justice League actors, McConaughey could bring the world-weariness and experience back to the character in the shared universe currently being built by Warner Bros. Plus, thanks to "True Detective" we know that McConaughey can handle hard-nosed street-level action.


McConaughey doesn't have anything on his resume that screams "I'd be really great at playing archers," but here we are once again -- except this time we want him to play Barney Barton, one of Marvel's many bow-carriers. With his laid-back attitude, rugged looks and dry wit, McConaughey could pass for the real world brother of Jeremy Renner. That's a plus here, because Barney is Clint "Hawkeye" Barton's older brother and is often presented as a version of the Avenger that just had a dozen too many bad days. If we ever get to learn more of Hawkeye's backstory, it would be fantastic to see McConaughey step into the role of the morally ambiguous Trickshot.

Swamp Thing

The man that brought Rust Cohle's "time is a flat circle" speech to life could definitely deliver monologues about the eternal battle between the Green, the Red and the Rot. The fact that McConaughey can deliver a sense of menace, calm and mysticism with his voice is key here, as the lumbering and mountainous Swamp Thing would most likely be rendered digitally. If there's one thing we've learned from previous all-CG characters, its that they need solid actors bringing them to life. If Mark Ruffalo and Bradley Cooper can kill it as Hulk and Rocket Raccoon, then we want to see McConaughey bring his otherworldly intensity to Swamp Thing, protector of the Earth.

Norman Osborn

Listen, if the rumors are true and Matthew McConaughey is prepping to play Norman Osborn, then we'll actually be satisfied. First, he's 27 years older than Asa Butterfield, the actor rumored to be in talks to play Spider-Man. Since it looks like Marvel's going for an age-appropriate wall-crawler, it would be great of them to go for an age-appropriate Green Goblin as well. McConaughey is in the same age range as Robert Downey Jr., which makes it plausible that the MCU Norman Osborn -- with his Osborn Industries -- would most likely be a longtime business rival of Stark's. And then let's not forget that Norman Osborn isn't just a Spider-Man villain; over the past decade, he's grown into a massive player in the comics thanks to his takeover of S.H.I.E.L.D. and spearheading of the Dark Avengers initiative. If Marvel's looking to create the first villain with Nick Fury-levels of crossover capability, then Norman is their guy -- and that sounds like a meaty part worthy of McConaughey.

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