5 'Beloved' DC Heroes that Could Join "Legends of Tomorrow"

In its first season, "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" has given fans a tour of the length and breadth of the DC Universe. There have been a number of classic DC heroes and villains already featured such as Connor Hawke and Jonah Hex, with members of the Justice Society and Sgt. Rock slated to appear before the season is done. But there's also one more as yet unknown hero for the time-traveling squad led by Rip Hunter to encounter as they seek to stop Vandal Savage from destroying the world.

"Beloved" DC Hero Rumored to Debut in "Legends of Tomorrow" Finale

A recent rumor promised that a "beloved hero from the DC canon" will debut in the finale and help set the stage for The CW series' second season. Even more recently, "Suits" star Patrick J. Adams was cast in a mysterious role as a "fun character the fans will love." The versatile Adams could fill the boots of a number of DC icons and these two teases are just too tempting to avoid speculation. We've rounded up some likely candidates for the "beloved" hero that will make their debut and potentially join Rip Hunter's ragtag team of misfits during the season finale on May 19.

Elongated Man

Ralph Dibny, the stretchable sleuth known as Elongated Man was name dropped in a very early episode of "The Flash," establishing his existence in DC's TV universe. Dibny was named as one of the many Central City residents affected by Harrison Wells' particle accelerator accident which puts all of the pieces for a "Legends of Tomorrow" appearance by Elongated Man in place. As a longtime member of the Justice League and a frequent partner of the Flash, Dibny fits the bill as a fan-favorite hero and his positivity, brilliant mind and humorous streak -- to say nothing of his metahuman ability to stretch his body in a million different ways -- would make him a useful and entertaining member of Rip Hunter's crew. Ralph and his wife Sue are two of the DCU's greatest detectives, something that could allow an investigative or procedural element in Season Two. With the legendary duo absent from the pages of DC Comics for some time prior to a recent appearance in "Secret Six," giving the husband-and-wife crime stoppers a new chance to shine would literally be a dream come true for many fans.


Damien Darhk and John Constantine have changed the game in "Arrow" Season Four, adding a magical element and further expanding the world of the Arroweverse. It's hard to imagine a magical champion fans like more than Billy Batson, the classic hero known to many as Captain Marvel -- but known to modern fans as Shazam. When orphan Billy Batson says the magic word, Shazam, he transforms into the World's Mightiest Mortal. Baton's innocence opposite seasoned crooks like Captain Cold and Heat Wave adds an interesting wrinkle, and that's without any kind of transformation. While a "Shazam!" film is already in the works (with Dwayne Johnson cast as Black Adam), there's also a "Flash" movie starring a different actor than The CW's Flash, so there's already a precedent for the DC multiverse. Perhaps there could be some magically stormy skies on the horizons for "Legends of Tomorrow" later this month.


While there's a good chance Patrick J. Adams will be playing the hero in question, that's far from written in stone. He could be one of many additions as the producers have promised a completely reinvented show next season, meaning that there's every chance the new hero could be a woman. Following the magic thread, there's probably not a more cherished mystic in the DCU than Zatanna, one of the few classic Justice Leaguers who hasn't already been announced as for live-action in some form. Following in her father Zatara's footsteps, Zatanna is a second generation hero with longstanding ties to DC's mystic side. She also has history with characters like John Constantine and Oliver Queen, meaning she could fit right in as viewers wait to find out more about her past. DC fans have been waiting years for the top hat-wearing hero to arrive in live-action, and the response could be a resounding sey!

Green Lantern

Last year "Arrow" co-showrunner Wendy Mericle told fans not to expect Hal Jordan in Oliver Queen's world, calling him "way too big." "We're going to be able to play around with it, but we're not going to be seeing Hal Jordan on the show," she the Television Academy. While Hal and the Green Lantern Corps might be too big for the grounded "Arrow," "Legends of Tomorrow" goes big each and every week. With the Legends traveling through time and across the glob, it's inevitable that they would eventually encounter a member of the Corps assigned to protect Space Sector 2814. "Legends" Executive Producer Greg Berlanti co-wrote 2011's maligned "Green Lantern" movie and may be looking for a way to make up for it ahead of 2020's "Green Lantern Corps" film. Could "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" be the show big enough to finally bring the Green Lantern to television?

Booster Gold

Perhaps the most obvious choice for a "beloved" character -- or at least the one a large portion of fans have been very vocal about -- is Booster Gold. In the comics, Booster is Rip Hunter's father which makes this a natural fit for a number of reasons. While Booster might outwardly seem like a frivolous, arrogant blowhard, beneath his stolen, high-tech uniform beats the heart of time's greatest champion. EP Greg Berlanti is already developing a feature film centering on Booster and Blue Beetle, and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns teased "a lot of plans" for the character as recently as March. The time-hopping hero's connection to Rip Hunter makes him too perfect to keep out of the DC TV time stream for long and he's always been a character that exudes heroism and humor, something the crew of the Waverer is always in need of. And after years as a member of the Justice League and a handful of adventures with Blue Beetle and solo, Booster Gold would definitely qualify as a fan-favorite.

"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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