4chan piracy causes spike in sales for Lieber and Parker's <i>Underground</i>

Someone on 4chan scanned in all of Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker's Underground and posted it for all to read. Rather than pitching a fit (which would have been perfectly justified under the circumstances), Lieber joined the discussion and cheerfully suggested folks kick in a few bucks if they like the book or maybe even, you know, buy it. Then he posted it on his own site for free. The picture above, taken from this post on his blog, concisely summarizes what happened next.

Why did it work out this way? Perhaps the comic is that good (I haven't read it), perhaps because 4chan helped it find its audience, and perhaps because Lieber took some time to engage the readers and establish himself as a real person—it's a lot harder to steal from someone you know.

He talks a bit more about it at Warren Ellis's forum. (Found via Teleread.)

And remember, kids: Only Stephenie Meyer can defeat 4chan.

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