46 All-New All-Different X-Men Rosters

As a franchise whose whole theme is evolution, the X-Men have more than lived up to expectations with their ever-changing lineups. Since debuting in 1963, Marvel's mutants have grown from a lone ongoing series struggling with sales to an entire line of comics starring hundreds of different heroes. As Marvel's "All-New, All-Different" line continues to roll out, X-Men fans are being introduced to the all-new status quo going into 2016. That means new rosters and new #1 issues -- two things the X-Men are familiar with.

The evolution of the X-Line started with "Extraordinary X-Men" #1, a book starring Storm and a lineup mixing characters both classic and new. The second team book, "All-New X-Men," kicks off this Wednesday with a new #1 issue from Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley. To celebrate that fresh start, we've compiled a list highlighting the X-Men's -- and their spinoff teams' -- debuts and shake-ups. The evolution of the X-Line begins...now.

1. There's the roster that started it all...

2. And the lineup change that set a precedent.

3. The franchise grew with the New Mutants.

4. The originals reunited in X-Factor...

5. While the X-Men looked completely different.

6. Excalibur brought mutant madness to Europe.

7. Even tiny Muir Island got their own X-Team.

8. The X-Men survived a "who wore it best" moment.

9. The New Mutants turned into the rough and tumble X-Force...

10. And X-Factor went through a kooky transformation.

11. And everyone came back to the X-Men.

12. Yep, there are X-Men 84 years in the future!

13. The teen team tradition continued.

14. X-Factor went from kooky to killer.

15. Excalibur expanded.

16. X-Force hit the road and ditched their costumes.

17. The X-Men welcomed some...interesting new recruits...

18. And quickly returned to something more traditional.

19. And then a revolution happened...

20. And one team became extreme...

21. Another team bought new leather jackets...

22. And X-Force became something completely different.

23. The X-Men kept the Westchester mall's leather store in business.

24. And the teen team tradition continued to continue.

25. The X-Men swung back towards color in the mid '00s.

26. One team of X-Men astonished...

27. While the teen team got darker.

28. Some mutants returned to England...

29. While others became co-workers.

30. X-Force became somehow even deadlier.

31. The Xavier school kept taking in new students.

32. The original teen team enjoyed a class reunion.

33. X-Force got an uncanny shake-up.

34. Hope Summer ushered in a new generation.

35. Scott Summers launched the Extinction Team.

36. Alex Summers and Lorna Dane returned to X-Factor.

37. The "Astonishing X-Men" took it to the streets.

38. The original X-Men time traveled and became the "All-New" X-Men.

39. Cable's X-Force reunited...

40. While Storm hand-picked her X-Force crew.

41. Cyclops split off and started a revolution.

42. Storm put together an elite security team.

43. X-Factor went corporate.

44. X-Force returned to black ops.

45. And now Storm leads an "extraordinary" lineup...

46. And a new era of "All-New X-Men" begins.

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