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Expect a cataclysmic clash between, Thor, The Gray Hulk and The Leader over who's going to blow out the candles on their 40th birthday cake. In the meantime, Dynamic Forces will commemorate their momentous occasions with three new busts. And also getting his own DF treatment is the enigmatic X-character Havok.


Earlier this year, Dynamic Forces and John's Collectibles teamed up and produced the ultra-rare (now SOLD-OUT and been allocated) Battle-Armor Thor Bust. For all those fans of the Mighty Norse God that missed out (and that was at $129.99!), DF presents a brand-new sculpt of the Mighty Thor just in time to celebrate his 40th Anniversary!

Presented in his classic costume, atop a base inscribed with the image of his mighty hammer ­ Mjolnir, Thor stands nearly 10" tall to the tip of the wings atop his helm. Steeled for an unseen foe, the essence of the mightiest warrior in the Marvel Universe has been captured here by sculptor Tony Cipriano and painted in vivid detail by Dan Lane!

The MSRP on this beautiful bust is $99.99. To celebrate Thor's 40th, Dynamic Forces is offering the God of Thunder at a special "Introductory Price" until December 31st -- at just $89.99! Limited to just 1,962 production units IN THE WORLD!


Bruce Banner ­ a man of science, reborn in the heart of a Gamma Bomb of his own creation -- reborn as The Incredible Hulk! Now, the Hulk is reborn once again, as this massive, incredible "Big" Bust, released in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of the first appearance of the Hulk.

The Gray Hulk, who, along with his massive build and strength, maintained his intelligence and awareness, as well as a hatred for most things human (including alter-ego Bruce Banner), sits in a contemplative pose atop a mound of discarded books. Yet the one he holds in his massive hands seems to have captured all of his interest ­ an apropos piece by Robert Louis Stevenson entitled "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!"

Designed by Pablo Viggiano and Juan Bobillo, sculpted by Pablo Viggiano, and painted by Alejandra Jorquer, the Gray Hulk "Big" Bust stands over 8" tall and 9" from front to back! Strictly limited to just 400 production units in the world, this 40th Anniversary Bust will truly be the centerpiece of your collection! The Gray Hulk carries a $295.00 Suggested Retail Price.


First-appearing in Tales to Astonish #62 and #63, The Leader went on to establish himself as one of the Incredible Hulk's most deadly foes! Created by the same Gamma Rays that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk, the Leader turned his new-found, and deadly intelligence towards a quest for total, world domination!

This is the first-ever Leader Bust! Standing at 8" tall, atop a very cool, and very retro base, the Leader was designed by Juan Bobillo, and sculpted and painted by the team of Joy and Tom Snyder! This is the ultimate tribute to this mad genius!

Strictly limited to just 1,965 production units in the world (the year the Leader first appeared in Tales to Astonish), this magnificent creation is set to dominate your bust collection (just keep him away from your Hulk Busts, these two have never gotten along)! The Leader has an $89.99 Suggested Retail Price.


Alex Summers, brother of Scott Summers (a.k.a. Cyclops of the Uncanny X-Men), first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #54, but donned his now familiar guise as Havok in Uncanny X-Men #58. Channeling the solar radiation that stored up in his body, his suit was specially designed to harness and release his deadly mutant power!

Now, designer Juan Bobillo, and sculptor Pablo Viggiano have created the first-ever Havok Bust! This tall piece standing at 9" screams with power from the base, which duplicates the swirling energy feeding into Havok's body, to the defiant stance of Havok as he prepares top let loose against an unseen foe!

Strictly limited to just 1,969 production units in the world (the year Havok first appeared in the pages of Uncanny X-Men), this bust will make an awesome addition to any collection.

All busts are scheduled to ship in January 2003.

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases ­ including more Marvel merchandise, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com.

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