40 Greatest Punisher Stories: #25-16

18. "The African Saga" Punisher War Journal #6-7

Young Jim Lee did finishes and inks over writer Carl Potts' layouts on this classic two-parter which sees the Punisher and Wolverine both hunting animal poachers in Africa. When the Punisher is attacked by a gorilla, he has to defend himself, which leads to Wolverine thinking that the Punisher is a poacher and hilarity ensues...

As you might imagine, anyone at Marvel seeing this story would have said, "Holy crap, we need to get this Lee guy on an X-Men book pronto."

17. "Long, Cold Dark" The Punisher Vol.6 #50-54

This arc sees Garth Ennis begin to wrap things up on his famous run, as Barracuda is sent after the Punisher and the evil Barracuda discovers something that not even the Punisher knows - the Punisher has a child! And now the Punisher has to do everything he can to protect this child from that twisted Barracuda. Is he successful? Well...

Man, Goran Parlov, the artist on this arc, really drew the heck out of Barracuda.

16. "Man of Stone" The Punisher Vol.6 #37-42

One of the striking aspects of Garth Ennis' run was just how SERIALIZED the whole thing was. Characters from one arc would show up in later ones for their revenge on or to work with the Punisher. This arc was about one of the earlier villains of the series teaming up with a new character, who wanted revenge due to the events of that said earlier arc, "Mother Russia."

Garth Ennis is a master at coming up with amazing villains, and the Russian general who is the "Man of Stone" in this arc, the man hunting down the Punisher, is no exception...

Damn! You know it will take some dirty fighting to get out of THIS one!

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