40 Greatest Punisher Stories: #25-16

In honor of the Punisher debuting on Daredevil's Netflix series next week, we're counting down your picks for the forty greatest Punisher stories.

You all voted, now here are the latest results of what you chose as the 40 Greatest Punisher Stories!

Here's #25-16! Enjoy!

25. "Dark Reign" Punisher Vol.8 #1-10, Dark Reign: The List - The Punisher #1

Matt Fraction had started the approach of having the Punisher attack supervillains in the series that led into this one, Punisher War Journal (the theory was to have two Punisher series, one by Garth Ennis in its own grounded universe and one by Fraction set clearly in the Marvel Universe) but Rick Remender took that idea and kicked it up a whole other notch in this series.

It was based on the basic idea of the Punisher deciding that it was his duty to kill Norman Osborn. But as we see right from the start (art by the great Jerome Opena)...

Punisher was very much out of his depth here. Norman Osborn gave his evil cohort, the Hood, the assignment of taking the Punisher down and things got WEIRD, as the Hood brought a bunch of villains who were killed by the Scourge back to kill the Punisher, aided by a resurrected Microchip. Along the way, the Punisher got a new assistant, whose father was a familiar foe to the Punisher. When the Hood got the Punisher's dead family involved? Well, things got even WEIRDER. The whole thing led to Norman Osborn sending a bunch of troops and Wolverine (Daken) to kill Punisher...which they then do.

24. "The Creep and the Bully" (Punisher Vol.2 #10/Daredevil #257)

This was a crossover by Mike Baron and Ann Nocenti. This is one of those stories where we see it from both character's perspectives (as Daredevil tries to stop the Punisher from killing some psychopath who has been poisoning people). The first look at the fight came from Punisher #10, where While Portacio and Scott Williams do a good enough job...

but Daredevil #257 is a whole other level, from Nocenti's decision to have the fight narrated by the psychopath to John Romita Jr. and Al Williamson's brilliant artwork...

23. "Death Sentence" (Marvel Preview #2)

Gerry Conway and Tony DeZuniga introduce for the first time the Punisher's origin in his black and white tale from Marvel's magazine line...

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