4 Kids Walk Into a Bank Movie to Be Written By Matthew Rosenberg

Marvel writer Matthew Rosenberg has revealed he's officially penning the screenplay for the movie adaptation of his Black Mask Studios comic 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank.

"In other me news, I've been hired to write the screenplay for the upcoming 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank movie!" He tweeted. "This is equal parts exciting and terrifying! Now I gotta go read the book I guess. I'm pretty sure I know what happens though."

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The 2017 indie comic series from RosenbergΒ and artist Tyler Boss focused on a young girl, Paige, convincing her friends to rob a bank before her father does, trying to save him the trouble of running into cops so she can protect her broken family from further disaster.

Apart from being an emotional story of child crime, it's a coming-of-age adventure that sees the group running afoul of cops and gangsters, while also riffing on the theme of parenting in modern society. The story also had quite a few intriguing twists and turns as the teens discover more about their own dynamic as friends now embedded in this new life of crime.

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No further details were forthcoming from the writer, including which studio is picking up the property, casting news or a potential release date.

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