3D-Print Your Own Transformers Matrix of Leadership

"You've got the touch. You've got the powerrr!" If you have a 3D printer, that is. In a new YouTube video, the channel "I Like to Make Stuff" shows exactly how you can make your own Matrix of Leadership, the iconic source of Autobot salvation from 1986's "The Transformers: The Movie."

As the video shows, the construction is an admittedly complex process, and not just anyone can do it. But if you have the right materials -- from the 3D printer to the plastic shell to some simple electronics to give it that ethereal blue glow -- you, too, may be able to unlock the power needed to lead (and save) the Autobots. Or you might just pull at it over and over in frustration, screaming "Open. Dammit, open!" until you get blasted apart by Galvatron and his forces.

via Gimzodo

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