3D "Calvin & Hobbes" Comic Strip Brings the Duo to Life in an All-New Way

Bill Waterson's "Calvin & Hobbes" is the stuff of comic strip legend. They've lived entirely on the page, never making the leap to film or other mediums like fellow strips "The Peanuts" and "Marmaduke." However, a devoted fan has helped nudge the popular characters towards the 21st century by creating an interactive 3D version of a Calvin & Hobbes strip.

Artist Gabriel de Laubier recreated the June 21, 1991 strip criticizing the lackluster naming of "The Big Bang," but not in the colorful, CGI, voice-acted way that many comic strip characters are brought to life.

De Laubier's reimagining is simply a 3D-rendered re-illustration of the original script, allowing fans to zoom in and out of the separate worlds contained within each panel. Fans can also change which angle they're viewing the strip from, and witness Calvin and Hobbes stretching out of the panels like a computerized pop-up book. de Laubier has created similar works involving 3D Peanuts strips, but it's unclear if he has larger plans for presenting comic strips in new mediums.

If you want to relive the wonder of looking at a "Calvin & Hobbes" strip with fresh eyes, taking a tour through de Laubier's 3D reimagining is a delightful trip down memory lane.

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