3A Toys Swings in With New Spider-Man/Peter Parker Figures

Spider-Man fans may want to start saving their pennies, because 3A Toys has debuted images and details of its latest collectible set, featuring the wall-crawler and Peter Parker.

Part of the Marvel x 3A series that brought us multiple versions of Iron Man, Doctor Doom and Ultron, these 1/6th-scale figures are, of course, designed by Ashley Wood, who combines "his fondness for robots and contemporary urban fashion" in one set. Yeah, you'll notice the web-slinger looks decidedly robotic.

The Peter Parker/Spider-Man deluxe set includes a 10-inch Peter Parker with 32 points of articulation, four sets of interchangeable hands, a robot controller, a large cloth backpack, and a camera accessory with flash, light meter, dust blower and four interchangeable lenses.

The 15-inch Spider-Man boasts 34 points of articulation and fully poseable finger joints, as well as LED-illuminated eyes.

The set is available in two versions, each priced at $350: Classic Red-and-Blue Costumed Edition, and the Bambaland-exclusive Black Costumed Stealth Edition. The Stealth Edition

The Stealth Edition will be available for preorder beginning July 29 at Bambaland.com, while the Classic Edition can be preordered through 3A retailers worldwide.

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