3A Toys introduces its next 2000AD figure, Robo-Hunter

Robo-Hunter will follow Judge Death as the second 1/12th-scale collectible figure in 3A Toys' new 2000AD line.

Based on the cigar-smoking, renegade robot-tracking bounty hunter introduced in 1978 by John Wagner and Ian Gibson, the Sam Slade figure is equipped with a blaster, his Robo-meter Cutie and his Cuban cigar bot Stogie.

"Slade is a classic character that proved to be a great challenge," 3A explains. "The goal from the start was to capture that Ian Gibson silhouette. Slade went through about nine months of revisions before finally settling on the final look. Getting the face right was not an easy task, but I think we really nailed that elongated jaw and chin. The profile view is a sight to behold. The choice of colors took direct inspiration from the cover of Prog 263."

The Robo-Hunter figure will be available for preorder for $50 beginning April 30 from Bambaland.

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