39 Minutes (FULL ISSUE)

Robbing a bank is easy - it's the getaway that's hard. The bank's surrounded by police officers, alarms are blaring, customers and employees are screaming, and the streets are blocked off. So what's the solution? Kill everyone in town. John Clayton is rotting in the Disciplinary Barracks of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for doing the right thing. As a the leader of a Marine special forces unit in Iraq, Clayton stumbled upon a private security contractor unit doing something horrible. Unwilling to look the other way, Clayton and his unit tried to stop the private group and a firefight broke out. When the smoke cleared, the security contracts with powerful contacts in the Defense Department lay dead, bleeding out in the desert sand, and Clayton took responsibility for the incident.

The sad story doesn't end there however,because Clayton's men weren't about to accept their fate at the hands of their commanding officer or the corrupt bureaucrats of the US government. Led by Clayton's former second-in-command Paul Bishop, the elite special forces

team has decided to take what restitution they see as rightfully theirs for services rendered

to their country. The group has begun tearing through small towns in the MidWest robbing

banks. But these aren't your run-of-the-mill amateur thieves, these are highly trained professional soldiers. And the cleanest way to ensure a clean getaway and no complications is

to execute each and every person in their way. Bank tellers, security guards, customers, police, and random folks who wander by mistake; they are all going to die.

Special Agent Poole has no choice but to turn to the one man, who knows Bishop and his crew better than any other -- John Clayton. The deal he's offering Clayton is simple, track down and stop Bishop and his men and John is free man. If he refuses, he'll be retried on four counts of first degree murders, convicted, and executed. Next stop -- McCook, Nebraska.

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