365 Reasons to Love Comics Reader Survey

Reason #200 is almost upon us, and I think it's high time to evaluate my progress. Naturally, I turn to my audience for such a thing. I love you guys, I do. Basically, I'm asking you to tell me how I'm doing here. Whether you're a regular reader, or a lurker, or some guy who clicked onto this website by accident, whatever! Feel free to share your opinions. Now click on past the fold! (For reference purposes, have an archive link.)

1. What do you like most about 365 Reasons?

2. What bits don't you like? What can be improved or changed?

3. What do you think of the writing style? Am I too repetitive? I've noticed myself using the same adjectives over and over. How many ways are there to say that something's awesome? Am I too repetitive?

4. Do you like the format? Do I tend to profusely opine or rely on history and information too much?

5. How's the balance between "creators" and "characters"? Do you think there's enough of either? How about stuff that doesn't fit into either group?

6. Are there too many theme weeks?

7. Do any creators and their works and/or creations deserve a special theme week? (e.g., the Joe Simon and Steve Ditko Weeks we've seen so far)

8. Which seven inkers most deserve a spotlight in Inker Appreciation Week?

9. Same question, but for Colorist Appreciation Week.

10. Again, same question, but this time, for Letterer Appreciation Week.

11. Got any suggestions for future columns or theme weeks?

12. Did I forget to ask a question I should have asked? If so, please ask it. And then kindly answer it, if you would.

You know, when I started the column, I didn't really know what I was getting into. I figured it'd just be a short little thing with a funny picture or two that I'd take ten minutes out of the day to post. I thought maybe I'd run out after fifty and be in trouble. I thought maybe I could sneak in new comic reviews as Reasons, or whatnot. The column's taken on a life of its own, however, and has become a serious project. I never thought I had enough dedication for this kinda thing, but so far, so good. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. I do this for you, my wonderful, beautiful people. I hope to see you stick around till the end of the year.

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