365 Reasons to Love Comics #98

It's Easter Sunday in Ape-ril. I guess that means we need to dig up the most Jesus-y comics ape! Uh...


98. Rex Mantooth

The internet doesn't want to let people know about Rex Mantooth, Kung Fu Gorilla, because the internet is evil. But I know it's out there. Oh yes. It's by Matt Fraction and Andy Kuhn, so you know it's good. You can find a review of the Annotated Mantooth here and you can buy it from Amazon. It is madness on paper.

Blah blah, images (more at Scans Daily) (click to blow up in the non-explode-y sense of the word):

Matt Fraction is awesome.

That's all I've got, really. If someone knows where to find more information or has decent pictures or scans, for God's sake, let me know. This column is terribly slight. I apologize; I'm extremely busy and stressed out to about Defcon 3.

But, there. Jesus-y enough? Well, if Jesus was a ninja. Of course, we all know Jesus was a ninja. So there you go, then. MANTOOTH!

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