365 Reasons to Love Comics #97

Ape-ril continues with a look at a comics gorilla that teaches us all we need to know to survive in the world.


97. Monkeyman & O'Brien

Everything I need to know, I learned from Monkeyman and O'Brien. For instance:

1. Gorillas really are monkeys. Despite the science.

2. Monkeyman is the world's best-dressed gorilla. Even moreso than the Mod Gorilla Boss.

3. Ann Darrow (seriously) O'Brien and Gen 13's Fairchild are the same damn character concept, but O'Brien is cooler anyway.

4. Monkeyman's real name, Axwell Tiberius, is the greatest name ever.

5. Froglodytes > Toad Men.

6. All gorillas should wear spectacles.

7. "The Shrewmanoid" > "Mole Man."

8. Sending talking monkeys into space is the next logical step, especially when it involves interdimensional travel.

9. The speed at which one is able to dodge lasers is proportionate to either the size or amount of hair on one's body.

10. Art Adams is a genius.

Link: More on Monkeyman, man.

What have Monkeyman & O'Brien taught you, friends?

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