365 Reasons to Love Comics #94

It's Ape-ril here on the old column, and that means primatepalooza for the rest of the month. Now, I've got a pretty big list of ape-related characters already, but I will gladly take your suggestions for your favorite comics ape or monkey. It may reveal things I've missed. Bring 'em on!

Today: The most popular comics ape of them all.


94. Gorilla Grodd

I know you all hate puns as much as the next man, but I have to say it: don't monkey with Grodd.

As far as gorillas-in-comics go, Grodd is probably at the top of the heap. He's a big evil ape with psychic powers, and hails from the greatest fictional locale in existence-- Gorilla City, the hidden African land of intelligent talking gorillas. (On a side note, I would love to write some kind of Gorilla City mini-series. "Big Numbers" with apes. It'd sell a billion, I'm sure.)

Grodd's no slouch. He's battled the entire Justice League, joined the Secret Society of Super-Villains... heck, he's been in every comic and cartoon version of the Legion of Doom, from Superfriends to JLU and back.

As civilized as Grodd is (what he really needs is a smoking jacket), he can also go into crazy-savage-ape mode and start King Konging all over the place, as seen in Geoff Johns' run on Flash. If he's ticked, he will try to eat you. I mean, he tried to eat Batman. That takes some major ape testes. Ape testes of steel. (Of course, Batman then punched Grodd in those ape testes, so...)

I thought I'd have more to say about Grodd, but I guess not (they can't all be giant columns). And I don't want to waste my supply of monkey jokes, because I'm going to need them for the whole month.

In summation: Grodd's one of Flash's-- hell, the DC Universe's-- greatest villains, and he's a big damn ape. Who can talk. And has psychic powers. How can you not love that concept? Grodd is the very epitome of Silver Age brilliance. Doing research on today's column, I'm surprised Grodd hasn't had far more appearances in comics than he does. Are writers intimidated by giant apes? I wonder...

For more on Grodd, check out his profiles at Hyperborea or Wikipedia.

And have one last, great image:

So what are your feelings on Gorilla Grodd, dear readers? Is he, or is he not, your favorite simian overlord? Be careful with your response. He may eat you, or fry your brain, or something.

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