365 Reasons to Love Comics #90

Doctor Week, Day Seven! In fact, Doctor Week has been so awesome, I think I'm going to extend it two more days. But after that... it's the biggest event of the year so far, man. Watch out!

Today: A baddie so cool it forced me to rap.


90. Doctor Bong

It's Doctor Bong!He's watchin' Cheech & ChongIn a sarongUnderneath is his thongAnd he's bangin' a gongLike he's El KabongEatin' Egg Foo YongAnd he ain't wrong'Cause you're in his throngAnd you're playin' ping pongWhilst singin' this songAbout Doctor BongAnd it's gone on too longYes, it's mighty prolongedBut it's on like Donkey Kong

FACT: Doctor Bong is the greatest supervillain named after drug paraphernalia. (Actually, his name comes from the sound effect produced when he bangs the giant metal ball serving as his left hand against his bell-shaped helmet.) He's also Howard the Duck's archnemesis. And that's awesome.

He did, after all, steal Howard's girlfriend and force her to marry him. He also turned Howard into a human for a period of time (gasp!). He's eight feet of pure evil.

I could go on, but, you know... it's Doctor Bong! His coolness should be self-explanatory.

However, here's a link to his history and profile at the Marvel Directory. And here are a bunch of Dr. Bong-related scans over at Scans Daily. I make up for my lack of content with... other people's content! Booyah.

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