365 Reasons to Love Comics #82

Green Lantern Week: part five. Featuring the universe's cutest Green Lantern, according to all the ladies. Rest assured, this here's a ladies man.


82. Ch'p

(Click to make Ch'p's actual size. Ha.)

Ch'p is pretty cool, because he's basically Chip of the Rescue Rangers with a Green Lantern ring. And that is awesome. A Disney cartoon with a GL ring is a fun little concept, probably taken as far as it could go.

Ch'p was fighting against an invasion when he was gifted with a fallen Green Lantern's ring by the Guardians. He defeated his archnemesis Dr. Ub'x (named after a Disney animator) and became an upstanding member of the Corps. Shame he never had a decent cover to himself. He was always in group shots, and the one cover dedicated to him didn't even show his face!

(I think that's him, anyway).

The little guy was heavily affected by Crisis on Infinite Earths. Time was rewritten so that he'd "died" in the past and everyone on his planet H'lven had moved on-- his wife M'nn'e (Minnie Mouse?) remarried his best friend D'll (or Dale, of the Rescue Rangers). Heartbroken, he hung out on Earth with the Earthbound GL Corps of the time.

Sadly, in an early issue of the John Stewart-centric Green Lantern: Mosaic (#2), Ch'p was killed in the most humiliating and stupid-kind-of-silly way ever: he was run over by a truck. A giant yellow truck. Le sigh. I know the scans used to be on the 'net, but I can no longer find them.

(See? There he is!)

But I come to praise Ch'p, not to bury him! He was a great idea for a character. Maybe they took it as far as it could go, but I would've rather seen him fade into limbo than killed off ignobly.

As per usual with these GLs, here's the detailed history and here's the cool Wiki entry, which I think is actually in-depth, considering it's Ch'p. I guess he has a bigger following than I thought. That's good! He deserves it.

What's your say on Ch'p, friends?

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