365 Reasons to Love Comics #70

This week has a theme, but I can't tell you what it is without revealing today's featured creator. Let's just say it's very timely.


70. Joe Simon

I figured, what with Captain America in the news, a spotlight on his creator (well, the one I haven't already covered) wouldn't go amiss. Now, I had this idea before the whole Cap debacle. I nearly did this one last week, without knowing what was to come. Synchronicity is a funny thing.

Joe Simon was the first major partner of Jack Kirby, and together they created Captain America, the Newsboy Legion, the Boy Commandos, Manhunter, Fighting American, The Fly, the entire genre of romance comics, and worked on Sandman and the Shield. On his own, Simon wrote and created great forgotten wonders like Prez and Brother Power, the Geek. I'm going to devote the rest of this week to the best of Mr. Simon's creations.

First, however, we've got to salute the man himself. He was frequently overshadowed by Kirby and is, in my opinion, incredibly underrated because of that, looked over by most fans of comics. He wasn't just a gifted writer, but an accomplished artist, as well. I believe it was Joe who designed Cap's outfit and inked a lot of Kirby's early work.

At 93, Joe Simon is still with us. He wrote a book, The Comic Book Makers, with his son Jim. You can find the Simons on the web at this link.

The man's a great overlooked creator. This week is meant to honor him. Join us tomorrow for the beginning of our journey through the cool and crazy concepts Mr. Simon's created over the years!

And, just for fun, here's Dial B for Blog's look at a comic I'm not going to cover, Joe Simon's original Outsiders. It's exceptionally strange, and that makes it cool in my book.

Joe and I will see you tomorrow.

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