365 Reasons to Love Comics #67

So Captain America stubbed his toe, or something, and it's the big news or whatever. I'm sure it was just a concerted effort from Marvel to distract from Mike Week, but I shan't let it deter me!

Today, on day five: A Mike you love to love! It'll be a hella good time.


67. Mike Mignola

Mike Mignola has a stark, shadowy gothic style which was completely different from anyone who came before him, and most of those who have shown up since. Alan Moore apparently explained Mignola's art as "German expressionism meets Jack Kirby," and I'd have to agree with that. There's a quiet, granite-carved power to his work. I'm not sure how to explain it, but I do know it's some of the best and most unique art one can find in the comics medium.

When I first encountered Mike's art, I didn't like it. It really wasn't my thing. But I grew to appreciate it, and then, finally, I understood. It's great. It's really great when he's drawing Nazis, or monsters, or Nazi monsters. Or architecture.

Of course, he's not just known for his art. He's also a writer. In fact, he created fan-favorite Hellboy, surly demonic adventurer! He was, like, in a movie (which was terrible), and stuff. Buy the comics. Everyone loves the comics.

But, I know, you're here for the art. And it sure is pretty to look at.

And, of course, you gots to have your Mignola Powerpuff Girls:

Be back tomorrow, same Mike-time, same Mike-channel. Not really. Different Mike-time/channel. But, you know, more Mike stuff.

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