365 Reasons to Love Comics #64

Mike Week: Day two! Let's look at a classic artist from the craziest era of comics.


64. Mike Sekowsky

Ahh, Mike Sekowsky. The world isn't as awesome as it could be without you in it anymore.

I mean, Mike Sekowsky is the man who, with Gardner Fox, gave us the Justice League of America and all its brilliant, wild stories. Mike's the guy who drew (and sometimes wrote) everyone's favorite I-Ching-laden era of Wonder Woman. He pencilled the Inferior Five series! Hell, he's the man who drew obscure greats like the Maniaks, B'Wana Beast and Jason's Quest in Showcase! You can't beat those. When he wasn't busy giving us awesome superhero stories, he was drawing stories for westerns and romances and every genre under the sun. His art may have gone unnoticed back in the day, but it's our duty now to recall and remember his greatness.

Sekowsky had an elegant style to his art. He was a little bit Gil Kane, a little bit Carmine Infantino-- he captured that perfect Silver Age feel for some perfect Silver Age stories.

But, hell, you want to see the pictures. I shall give you the pictures!

I love his art, and he's still missed.

What do you think?

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