365 Reasons to Love Comics #63

Reiterating the rules: This here column's a daily, yearlong look at what makes comics great. Some reasons are obvious, some are totally obscure; all of them, however, are why I love comics, and hopefully why you too love comics, or will come to live them. A nice, archive-y list can be found here.

It's Mike Week here at Comics Should Be Good! Or at this column, anyway. You'll see what I mean in a minute, as we take a look at one of Declarative Rabbit's favorites.


63. Michael Golden

As Declarative Rabbit stated himself, "The only golden rule is that Michael Golden rules." And how, my fine lepus-y friend!

Michael Golden is an exceptional artist who I'm sure we all wish was doing more work in the industry. He's drawn a ton of covers and a few runs of interiors, but I wish he'd do more. I remember his great work in The 'Nam most of all, but he's also drawn everything from Batman to the Micronauts to Bucky O'Hare! At the moment, he's doing covers for Heroes for Hire and Marvel Adventures: Iron Man. Let's hope he gets the chance to draw some more interiors. They're gorgeous.

He's got the expressive line of an expert cartoonist, and he produces dynamism like no other. But, you know, I'm a terrible art critic, so let's just look and see for ourselves, eh?

Michael Golden doesn't have a very large internet presence, but there is some great stuff out there. Check out his Comic Art Community gallery as well as this terrific Retrospective and the Gallery that comes along with it, courtesy of Photon Torpedoes. There's a lot to love at these links, and what they say and show is better than what you'll find in this measly column!

I tip my hat to Michael Golden! The man's a brilliant artist.

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