365 Reasons to Love Comics #5

It's the one you've all been waiting for.


5. Grant Morrison

Oh, c'mon. Look at that face. You can't hate that. Aww.

(Consider yourselves lucky. I almost posted the infamous underwear picks. But this is almost mostly a family sort of blog.)

Grant Morrison, or the God of All Comics, as our own Greg Burgas affectionately calls him, is considered by some to be a brilliant comics writer, and by others to be a nonsensical loon. And some think he's both.

I won't lie. He's my favorite comics writer. I "discovered" him with New X-Men and have been one of his Whorrisons since. We're thinking about going door-to-door to preach the good word. (I jest. [We'll probably do mass mailings first.])

Chaos magician, alien abductee, Scot: Grant Morrison is many things. He's also got a huge CV of lovely, lovely comics, including JLA, New X-Men, Doom Patrol, Animal Man, Flex Mentallo (the best comic ever made), Seaguy, We3, All Star Superman, Batman, Kill Your Boyfriend, St. Swithin's Day, Vimanarama!, New Adventures of Hitler, Zenith, the Invisibles, I could go on for about a day. Almost all of them are great. Some are just okay. Even the Great Bald-Headed One has his off days.

Grant (or George, as some Barbelithians call him [don't ask]) loves comics more than anyone in the world, I bet. It shows in his work. That's a good enough reason to list him here.

Here's an image I cribbed off of Kevin Church's site, I think. If I didn't, he got a free link out of it and someone got ripped off:

And here's the Simpsons watching G-Mozz and Mark Millar fight:

Tomorrow: Something different. Because everyone's asked so nicely.

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