365 Reasons to Love Comics #48

Black History Month continues. From a cop to a newspaperman! Yep, it's everyone's favorite...


48. Robbie Robertson

God forbid there's a decent picture of Robbie on the web anywhere.

Joe "Robbie" Robertson is the man who keeps J. Jonah Jameson sane. He's sympathetic to Spider-Man (possibly having deduced Peter's identity... well, before, like, he revealed it to the world), he's a cool, kind guy, and he smokes a mean pipe. He was editor-in-chief of the Bugle at some point, but I don't know if that's still true.

Much like how Scorpion is Jonah's secret shame and bane of his existence, Tombstone is Robbie's. Heck, the biggest Robbie-related story the Spidey books ever ran involved mob enforcer Tombstone. The two of them had gone to school together, and Robbie was scared into ignoring evidence of Tombstone's crimes. Of course, he eventually worked up enough anger and spirit to bring Tomby to justice. Through crummy circumstances, he ended up in prison with the guy.

Everything worked out in the end, though. Robbie was pardoned and Tombstone decided to leave him alone.

Is Tombstone the only albino black guy in comics? I wonder.

Mostly, though, Robbie's a nice, normal guy. Kinda feels weird to see such a character still around in comics without being frighteningly transformed or murdered. Then again, when did Robbie last appear? I miss the Bugle staff being a major part of Spidey's supporting cast. They should all be back, Mr. Robertson included.

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