365 Reasons to Love Comics #47

Let's talk about a cop. On the EDGE. Or is he? The edge of lameness, maybe. Let's rescue him!


47. Crispus Allen

This was the only decent cover shot of him out there. And he was one of the main characters of the book! Crazy.

Crispus was a Gotham City detective who first appeared in Greg Rucka's Detective Comics run, and later starred in Gotham Central. He was the partner of fellow cool-cop-who-is-now-not-a-cop-anymore-and-might-become-lame-in-the-near-future, Renee Montoya.

He was a strong character. Noble and dedicated, which helped in his roles as a family man and a great cop. Then he got shot by Jim Corrigan (not that one). Then he became the Goateed Spectre in Infinite Crisis. Then he got lame and started appearing in bad stories.

I wonder why DC can never leave well enough alone. Gotham Central was a terrific series, because it was about regular people doing their job in a world gone mad. A fantastic premise, yeah? Now Crispus is the Spectre and Montoya's on her way to becoming the Question and I just don't care anymore. We got Bullock back, sure, but I miss Detective Crispus Allen.

Whoa, man. I'm getting too negative.

Crispus and Renee had a great friendship built over their time as partners, and that time together was all too short. Shame. He needs the gift of life again!

I thought he was cool. Did you think he was cool? Do you still think he's cool?

Sorry for the short and probably nonsensical rant-y column today.

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