365 Reasons to Love Comics #44

Yesterday, I wrote about a certain creator. Today, I write about that certain creator's most popular creation.


44. Static

Static was a Spider-Man for the 90's. A fifteen year old kid trying to stay above gang life, gifted with cool electromagnetic superpowers, and dedicating himself to fighting crime.

I'm a bit under the weather today (literally and figuratively) and pressed for time, so I'm going to send you all over to the Wiki on Static to get all the background info, and instead talk about the importance of the character himself.

I think Static could hold another ongoing in this day and age; after all, he's had his own cartoon series, so the kids know who he is, and he's shown up on Justice League Unlimited, so the aging fanbase who don't veer outside the DCU know who he is, too!

His powers are cool and used in interesting ways. He is, after all, a living electromagnet.

He'd be a good role model for inner city African-American kids. Static comics could be dispersed through the public school system to entertain and educate youth and promote non-gang life.

Really, Static deserves to be more popular than he is. Rather than be a footnote in the field of comics and animation, Static should be able to stand above a lot of the chaff and act as a positive force in the medium.

Of course, some people have tried. Geoff Johns wanted to put Static in the Teen Titans, but there's always the issues of rights, as Static falls under McDuffie's Milestone.

C'mon, Dwayne! Let's get some new Static stories out to the masses!

Who else is ecstatic for Static?

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