365 Reasons to Love Comics #40

We've been pretty Marvel-centric lately with Black History Month, huh? Don't worry, other publishing companies don't advocate white supremacy, I've just been lopsided in the entries. Let's look at today's character...

He's not heavy. He's my brother. Well, he's a brother.2/9/07

40. Chunk

The Chunk from Flash, yes, not the Chunk from the Goonies:

Gotta love that Truffle Shuffle, though.

But yeah, this column's about a favorite and not-so-popular Flash supporting character, Chester P. Runk (that is indeed his name). Introduced by Mike Baron and Jackson Guice, Chunk was a threat who became a friend of Wally West.

Chunk was a brilliant scientist, like many cool Flash-related characters. He invented some kind of matter-transporter, but, as these things tend to do in comics, something went wrong! And so he absorbed it somehow, becoming the "human black hole." He could teleport, he was ridiculously durable and strong, and he could swallow anything and send it into The Void that was within him.

People, things, and the Flash-- they all ended up inside the strange dimension in Chunk's stomach. Consuming dense things was all that was keeping him from being sucked inside himself (like Stimpy in that one episode where he goes inside his own belly button, maybe).

Wally saved the day, though, and they became buds. Chunk started a business as a "removal specialist." If you need to get rid of something, give it to Chester and he'll swallow it. He also ended up engaged to one of the many hotties Wally used to date. In fact, she dumped him for Chester. Because Chunk is a chick magnet. And it ain't just because he's a living vortex.

He doesn't make too many appearances anymore, but he did show up in the Geoff Johns run, where, of course, things went terribly wrong. Again.

Click the picture to make it Chunk-sized!

Chunk is a weird idea for a character, sure-- a scientist version of Fat Albert with a black hole in his gut-- but he's awesome, and deserving of our appreciation. At least, I think so.

Keep on' chunkin'.

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