365 Reasons to Love Comics #4

So do you all think these are too obvious so far? Well, so's this one. But fear not! Things will get more bizarre with time.


4. Alan Moore

Here is Mr. Moore using his tremendous mental powers to make even the mightiest of bowels quake!

Alan Moore is considered to be the best comic writer of all time. It's quite difficult to argue with that, when his resume lists such works as From Hell, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Miracleman, Promethea, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Lost Girls. He's written more masterpieces in the medium than anyone else.

He wouldn't be a great comics writer without having his share of quirks, though. He worships a snake puppet named Glycon. Also, his beard once ate a guy. The bones have yet to be found.


In terms of skill, though, Moore is probably unmatched. His mammoth scripts will crush an unprepared artist, but they're really damn good. This is the guy who has managed to sell a $75 pornographic graphic novel on the power of his name. Fear him.

And for fun, here is Alan Moore, in Lego form, using his tremendous mental powers to make even the mightiest of plastic structures quake!

See you tomorrow. More obviousness awaits. Probably.

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