365 Reasons to Love Comics #363

I can't imagine anyone disagreeing with the choice for today's Reason. (Archive.)


363. James Jean

I think it's safe to proclaim James Jean as the finest comics cover artist of right now; after all, he's won several Eisners for his work. Whether with pencil-and-Photoshop or paints, all of his work is stunningly beautiful, and gorgeously evocative. For Fables, his classic, storybook-style art flows and dances on the page, tantalizing the reader. I particularly enjoy his constant experimentation with the logo. His art is nothing short of stunning and magnificent, and I hope he continues to grace the covers of fine periodical funnybooks for ages to come.

Of course, the art speaks for itself, and it's what you came here for, isn't it? Ask and ye shall receive:

More from James Jean can be found at his current site, Process Recess, as well as JJeanius, a lovely collection of Jean artworks, from which I borrowed several images for today's post (hope that's okay). If you've got the cash, invest in some fine James Jean original art! It's the absolute best for comic book aesthetes.

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