365 Reasons to Love Comics #360

Hey, can I be shameless, too? No? Aww. Oh, well. Under the fold-- the sleeper hit of the year! (Archive!)


360. Atomic Robo

Okay, I have to admit, I didn't expect this book to sweep me off my feet like it did. The new Little Publisher That Could, Red 5 Comics, debuted its magnificent new title, Atomic Robo, by the team of writer Brian Clevinger, artist Scott Wegener, and colorist Ronda Pattison, and lo, it took the comics interweb by storm. It's truly one of the best new books of 2007.

The eponymous Robo is a Nikola-Tesla-built Robot who has lived through the years and gone on many an adventure. In the present day, he battles bizarre menaces with the help of his Action Science League! So far, we've seen Nazis, giant ants, and roving pyramids of doom. I can't wait to see what else lies ahead. Looks like steampunk cyborg action. I'm for it!

The comic's just got a great attitude, in that it revels in being both fun and funny, and isn't afraid to poke fun at the very genre it exists in. The dialogue is often hilarious, but what really sold me on the series is the excellent character bit in the second issue as Robo remembers a friend from long ago. Marvelously done.

Of course, there's plenty of "kick 'splode!" and the art delivers it excellently. Wegener's style is crisp and clean, perfectly suited to the madcap action adventure romp. Certainly, he will go onto big things-- heck, he's already drawing issues of Punisher War Journal! Awesome.

Atomic Robo certainly impressed me, and I hope we'll see another mini in the future. Its premise, humor, and style of adventuring lead me to see it as a spiritual successor to the Amazing Screw-On Head, and where I come from, that's a high compliment. Mad ideas, big action, lovely characters, and giant insects: Atomic Robo's got everything you need.

For more on the series, visit the websites of Red 5 and what appears to be the Team Robo site at Mechapolis.

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