365 Reasons to Love Comics #353

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353. Becky Cloonan

The best way to sum up Becky Cloonan? She's a cool chick who makes cool comics. In the end, that's all you need to know, but I'll see what else I can come up with.

She first popped up into the comics scene with Meathaus, but the internet really took notice when she worked with Brian Wood on such works as Channel Zero and Demo, a series of done-in-ones about reg'lar folks with special powers. It was pretty big in indie circles and stuff, and I hear a new printing of the collection is forthcoming.

The next thing we saw from her is American Virgin, which will be wrapping up shortly (against its will). I bought this for a time solely for the art (Becky Cloonan plus Street Angel's Jim Rugg on inks? I couldn't refuse!).

Now she's writing and drawing a series of Original English Language Manga entitled East Coast Rising. Punk pirates! Cool stuff.

My favorite aspect of Ms. Cloonan? Her unabashed enthusiasm and sheer love of making comics. These qualities of hers are clearly evident in her work, which is maniacally energetic and an awful lot of fun. I imagine her cackling with glee as she draws it, but maybe that's just my imagination. Regardless, I'm in love with her drawing style-- beautiful Amerimanga with expressive characters and fantastic little touches and details. Swirling pop masterpieces.

I apologize for the sparseness of this post. I don't want my lack of verbosity to be seen as a lack of appreciation for Becky Cloonan's work. Hell no! Her artwork speaks for itself, and it speaks in the language of kick-ass.

Becky Cloonan rocks, as both an artist and a person. Dig it.

Who else loves Becky Cloonan's art? What's your favorite Cloonan comic?


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