365 Reasons to Love Comics #306

It's All Souls' Day, and to celebrate the dearly departed, we might as well discuss the coolest soul brother in comics. (Archive.)


306. Spooky, the Tuff Little Ghost

Who did you think I meant?

I just realized I haven't touched on Harvey Comics all year (except for Jigsaw), and that's a damn shame. I love Harvey Comics! They're cute and fun and wacky and great for kids-- and I miss them. Richie, Wendy, Hot Stuff-- hells yeah!

For a ghost-centric Harvey entry, you'd think I'd go for Casper the Friendly Ghost (or, as Lisa Simpson would have you believe, the ghost of Richie Rich), but I have to say his sometimes pal, sometimes rival Spooky is much cooler.

I'm not sure who created Spooky, but his first appearance was in Casper #10, making Spooky a character who first appeared in comics-- though my sources differ on that, too. Are there no tried-and-true Spooky experts out there in internet fandom? Dang. He later got his own series, however, which lasted quite a while. Actually, he had a few series, and appearances throughout multiple Casper cartoons.

What makes Spooky cooler than Casper? Well, as we all know, Casper's something of a pushover. He's a nice guy, but audiences respond better to jackasses. Spooky is a little bit Casper, and a little bit Ghostly Trio, giving him a balancing act between hero and antagonist. While he tries to be a scary ghost, he quite often seems ineffective, or is scared himself. As you can see from the covers in this post, Spooky can easily scare watermelon seeds or induce heart attacks in the elderly, but monkeys and haunted houses pose problems for him. But what truly scares Spooky? Why, dirty hippies, of course.

Spooky was easily the richest of Casper's supporting cast. His take-no-crap attitude and hilarious Brooklyn accent made him cool enough, but it's the derby hat (or "doiby," as he'd say) that sells the entire character to me. And then there was his girlfriend Poil Pearl. I hope those two crazy ghost kids made it.

Maybe Spooky and the rest of the Harvey gang have dropped off the radar in recent years. Much like the South, I'm sure they shall rise again!

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