365 Reasons to Love Comics #297

Let's talk about a dude who draws snazzy pictures. (Archive.)


297. Gabriel Bá

One of the best exports to come out of Brazilian since their women's soccer team, Gabriel Bá is a fine, fine artist-- and twin brother of equally fine, fine artist Fabio Moon. Together, the two of them produced loads of great comics that none of us have ever read because they all came out in Brazil.

They've since transported their work to America, and Bá's art has appeared in such illustrious works as Casanova, which, as I said yesterday, is totally one of the best books coming out right now. Along with writer Matt Fraction, Bá crafted the world of EMPIRE, WASTE, the Quinns, the Seychelles, and the Berserkos (man, you wouldn't think a frightening mutant like Ruby Berserko could look adorable, but Bá pulls it off).

Bá's angular Euro-South-American art is perfect for a superspy comic. There's a little bit of Mignola in there, too, among other things. I love his style. Check out the following, which includes some of my favorite Casanova images/sequences:

After the first Casanova album (now collected into a handy hardcover, but unfortunately without the backmatter that lets you into Bá's artistic process-- so search out those singles, lads and lassies!), Bá traded off with his brother and moved on to a different series-- the Umbrella Academy.

Written by some dude from some emo band (Gerard Way), it's actually a ridiculously awesome comic filled with crazy stuff like wrestlers elbow-dropping octopi and an undead oven-powered Gustave Eiffel. The story of an extremely dysfunctional family of super-kids all grown up, it's most definitely recommended and worth checking out. And you get Bá's art in full color! Woot! He easily sells the necessary energy and the sense of the bizarre.

Has anyone ever drawn a better gorilla-with-man's-head than Gabriel Bá? I think not.

From madcap, cerebral espionage to madcap, genius, uh, super-stuff, Bá can draw anything and make it look darn pretty. I'm already planning on buying stuff he draws just because he draws it-- and because I know he has such good taste, I'm sure the stories will be great, too. Now let's see some translated collections of his foreign work, dangit!

For the Bá/Moon site/blog, click here. And for an interview with Gabriel on Umbrella Academy and other things, go here.

Who else digs Bá's art? Why do you love it?

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