365 Reasons to Love Comics #293

I end my current look at bad guys with a flamboyantly fun villain who has a nifty premise. (Archive.)


293. Arcade

I had difficulty picking the final Villain "Week" candidate. I mean, hell, there's so many good bad guys in comics! But, anyway, I'm going with Arcade for this one.

Why? He's a Claremont/Byrne creation I don't hate! Imagine that! Arcade has a fantastic premise-- he's a crazy, dapper hitman who brings his enemies to him, and deposits them in a homemade amusement park of death aptly titled "Murderworld." Giant pinball machines of doom, for God's sake! It's a joyous thing, it is.

Now, Arcade first appeared in Marvel Team-Up as an opponent for Spider-Man and Captain Britain, but he soon became enveloped in the X-Men Universe, going up against those pesky mutants multiple times. However, as Wikipedia tells us, Arcade has faced off against more superheroes from more corners of the Marvel Universe than any other villain. I've no idea if this is true, but it sounds cool, right?

Arcade's always fun for a story now and then; he breaks up the monotony. It's hard for some villains to be both "wacky fun" and "scarily sadistic" at the same time, but he manages. He takes the hero into his turf and keeps them in constant mortal danger. That leads to great action stories. Sure, he loses all the time, but hey, he's the villain. That's his job.

Strangely enough, Arcade was very popular for a while. He's the head baddie in two video games, those being X-Men: Madness in Murderworld and Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge. He's also appeared in other games and cartoons. The dude gets around.

Want more on arcade? Make with the clicky here or here.

I guess that's it for the Bad Guys... for now, anyway. After all-- don't they always come back? Mwahahahahahahahahahahahah!

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