365 Reasons to Love Comics #29


Today's dude: cooler than Shortround!


29. Oberon

People remember Big Barda. Heck, people even know Shilo Norman, now. But does anyone remember Oberon? They will now.

Oberon is Mister Miracle's real #2 man. And yeah, he's a balding dwarf, but it's okay, because he gets all the ladies. No foolin'.

Most magicians and escape artists probably have, you know, beautiful girls as their assistants. It was a circus, though, so Thaddeus Brown had Oberon. Brown was the first Mister Miracle, but his untimely death called Scott Free to the job, and a partnership was forged.

Later, when Scott joined the Justice League, Oberon became second banana to Max Lord (when L-Ron wasn't busy doing so). He and Guy had a cool antagonistic relationship going. Guy was dating Ice and Oberon had hooked up with Fire. (I told you the ladies loved him.)

And there was that time he took out all the tiny aliens, as seen above.

So whatever happened to Oberon? He disappeared off the face of comics. He was created by Kirby, dangit! That means something to me.

Oberon was a cool dude. Diminutive in size but not in spirit, he was always there to back up Scott, Barda, and the JL/I/A. His ingenuity and acrobatic skill would make you want to avoid a fight with him.

Oberon is probably the only survivor of the Giffen/DeMatteis League, at this point. I'm sure, by pointing out his existence, I've doomed him, but I'll have to take the chance. He's too cool to let fade into limbo!

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