365 Reasons to Love Comics #28

Supporting Characters Week: Part Eight (of Seven).

The public has spoken. They have chosen today's star. Who is it? You'll be pleased.


28. Etta Candy

This is the best Etta-centric cover I could find on the internets. Shame she never had her own series like Jimmy or Lois; she's equally as lovable!

Etta first appeared in Sensation Comics #2, so she was basically there from the beginning. She's Wonder Woman's chocolate-loving sidekick and she says "Woo woo" a lot. That's all I need to think she's great.

Of course, this meant she was part of the kink-filled weirdness of the Marston era (images courtesy of the Comics Treadmill):

Yeah, she was the head of a very bizarre sorority. I don't even know how to begin to explain it.

Hey, right before Crisis happened, she switched places with Wonder Woman!

I totally want that issue.

Back in the Golden Age, Etta was large and in charge. But as time passed, especially Post-Crisis, she slimmed down and married Steve Trevor. Weird.

Sadly, I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment, and I'm definitely not an Etta Candy expert. There does, however, exist a fantastic write-up on the character, so I'm going to link you to that to read and enjoy if you have yet to do so. He says everything I could've said, only better.

Here's Scipio of the Absorbascon telling us why Etta is Comics' Greatest Female Role Model. Take it away, Scip.

See you tomorrow, everybody!

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