365 Reasons to Love Comics #271

Cronin's post a little down below reminded me of this. And it's the weekend, and readership goes down, and it's already tomorrow for me, so what the hell. Here's one of the greatest superheroes ever created. (Archive.)


271. Dogwelder

Brought to life by Garth Ennis and John McCrea in the pages of the much-missed Hitman series at DC, Dogwelder was a dude who welded dogs to the faces of his enemies. Aaaand... well, that was pretty much it. Lots of dogwelding going on.

Really, Dogwelder is just a symbol for the wonderful insanity that peppered the pages of Hitman. After all, this was a series with a supporting cast that included guys like Baytor, who is Baytor; Hacken, who hacked his own hand off and shot it to death in case it became a zombie; and the entire Section 8 crew, with fellas like drunk-all-the-time Sixpack, may-have-sodomized-Kyle-Rayner Bueno Excelente, the Defenestrator, Jean de Baton-Baton, whose power is that of Frenchness, and Dogwelder himself. The bad guys? Well they included a mobster whose dead conjoined twin was still attached and another mobster who only conducted business on the toilet.

So, yeah. As you can see, Hitman was filled with fun idea-gems. And yeah, you can pick up JLA/Hitman this month and next. Unfortunately, it's only built for people who are intimately familiar with the series-- at least, that's how you'll get all the jokes. Now if only DC would just put out all of Hitman in trade... dangit...

Fun fact: Dogwelder won a Wizard award for "Best new character" back when people actually read Wizard. He may have been a one-note character, but by God, it was one helluva note.

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