365 Reasons to Love Comics #253

The world's most positive comics column rolls on! Let's check out a creator who has become darling of the internets and is totally the next big thing, mark my words. Also, I invent a silly term for said creator's group of fans. (Archive!)


253. Jeff Parker

I am one of Parker's Poseys. (Heh heh.) Why? Because he gets comics. He understands what makes them fun and exciting, and then he goes and writes fun and exciting comics! Who woulda thunk it?

You all know the story. Boy meets comics, they fall in love, boy becomes kickbutt cartoonist and writer. It's how these things go. Jeff's big splash was with the Interman, his own graphic novel which I've never read (don't cut me!). I know it's good though, because it's Jeff Parker, and that's just what he does.

And check out the stuff he's doing now! Marvel Adventures: Avengers has become the best Avengers comic being produced-- and when you consider that Marvel is putting out as many Avengers books as they possibly can, that's pretty cool. The line-up may not be what you expect, but the stories are exciting, energetic, and hilarious. They're just dang fun. Where else are you going to read about a bunch of superheroes turning into MODOKs, or Ego the Living Planet hitting on the Earth? Not to mention Snakes on a Quinjet. It's a rocking comic and one of the best thing's Marvel's putting out.

Mr. Parker's also writing the best X-Man comic being produced right now with X-Men: First Class. It's a contemporary adventure series about the original X-Men line-up. You know, the one with the snazzy yellow costumes. Naturally, it's also crazy fun, and enjoyable for kids and adults. And it's totally in continuity! Well, it is if it'll get you to buy it. So buy it! You shall be getting yourself a good comic.

His biggest fan smash, however, has been Agents of Atlas, a book that brought back and revamped a bunch of old 50s-and-earlier Marvel characters and brought them together for the first time since, uh, an issue of What If and part of Avengers Forever. And, you know, it's awesome, and he keeps on bringin' 'em back. They deserve the spotlight, dangit! Pick up the trade or hardcover or whatever. Anything with Gorilla-Man and the Human Robot has to be great. It's the law.

I will finally be able to die happy if Jeff Parker gets to write Amazing Spider-Man. One day, I am sure this will happen. Only Jeff Parker can restore the webspinner to the glory he so desperately needs! Give it to us, Marvel! And let him draw some of his stories, too!

Jeff's website, Parkerspace, can be found at the link embedded in this sentence. Are you one of Parker's Poseys? If not, you should be. 'Nuff said.

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