365 Reasons to Love Comics #251

Webcomics Week comes to a close with a look at a cool comics collective. (Archive.)



Webcomics powers, Act-I-Vate! Form of... awesome! Shape of... more awesome!

ACT-I-VATE is a free online comics coalition of brilliant cartoonists putting their stuff online. And yeah, it's marvelous work. Hit up the story archive and see for yourself. There's far too much good work on there, and I can't possibly cover it all.

Blame "Dashing" Dean Haspiel for the idea-- ol' Man-Size himself produces the rocking Billy Dogma series on the website. If coerced into producing a sound byte, I'd call it a bare-knuckled pop explosion or something.

There's a brilliantly diverse pile of genres on the site-- from serious drama to completely non-serious drama to rip-roarin' comedy and adventure. The art styles alone-- my God. These are cartoonists of extreme skill constantly finding new ways to top themselves. Booyah!

From Chip Zdarsky's beautifully deranged Zdarskyverse to the madcap Bam vs. Bird Flu by Paul Maybury to the intricate and totally interesting Voyage of the James Caird by Nick Bertozzi, to Dan Goldman's fascinating Kelly-- well, it's all good. Check it out.

Webcomics are fantastic. The fact that you can get so much terrific content for free-- especially when you're probably paying for stuff that isn't up to the same level of quality-- is my favorite aspect. The webcomics content is filled with variety-- there's something for everybody out there. Even at ACT-I-VATE, there's something for everyone! I hope the webcomics medium continues to improve and come into its own, and that, one day, we'll have The Ultimate Webcomic-- something that takes full advantage of the form. I can't wait.

What's your favorite feature at ACT-I-VATE?

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