365 Reasons to Love Comics #246

Webcomics Week continues with the most deliciously demented strip on the internet. (Archivez.)


246. The Perry Bible Fellowship

Apodaca knows what's cool.

The Perry Bible Fellowship, the funniest, most twisted comic strip found on the web, is the product of cartoonist Nicholas Gurewitch's mind. It started as a strip in Syracuse University's newspaper, the Daily Orange, and made its way onto the glorious interweb, though it does appear in several print publications as well, including the Philadelphia City Paper, the Guardian, and Maxim.

The strip's sense of humor is gloriously deranged, ranging from savagely ironic to whimsically absurd and surreal to snickeringly clever to hilariously morose. It has the ability to come across as immensely intelligent and completely dumb at the same time. The one constant, however, is its relentlessly bizarre tone. Honestly, the PBF is truly hilarious. It's a gut-buster for sure. I can't do it justice with but a few example strips.

Then we've got the art. My Lord, the art is amazing. Gurewitch is a stylistic chameleon and releases strips mimicking everything from Edward Gorey to the 8-Bit Nintendo, and producing work resembling epic fantasies or wacky cartoons. We've got the sheet-white, simplistically-featured recurring characters, but we've also got pirates and gnomes and all sorts of other stuff, drawn in classic fantasy styles, or fully-painted panels, or day-glo cheery storybook art, or a million other styles. Really, you've got to see it to believe it. The artistic range is truly extraordinary, and even the simplest strips are crammed with detail and infused with rich coloring.

The PBF is cool, smart, and wicked; it easily makes the cream of the webcomics crop. Check out the site for yourself! What do you think?

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