365 Reasons to Love Comics #245

My sudden sabbatical should be at an end. Sorry about disappearing on you all like that. Several of the missing posts haven't made it up yet, but some of them have; visit the archive to read 'em. Since my free time has shriveled up and died, you may find that the average length of the column has shortened considerably. We'll see how things go as time passes. Onwards!

This week, I'm taking a look at the world of webcomics, from the awesome to the even more awesome. Today's feature? Awesome. It brings together everything I love about comics.


245. Dr. McNinja

For your information, those things are ninjas, dinosaurs, and gorillas.

Dr. McNinja is the brainchild of writer/artist Chris Hastings (ably inked by his buddy Kent Archer). It's about a doctor who is also a ninja (that's probably obvious from the title). The supporting cast includes a gorilla, a dude named Gordito with a giant mustache, and Ben Franklin's clone. The good doctor has faced threats ranging from lumberjacks to pirates to raptor-riding bandits to everyone's favorite, zombies. He's also, of course, fought other ninjas.

I love this comic is because it blends absurd humor and ridiculous situations with adventurous plots and the highest octane of action imaginable. Yes, you're laughing all the while, but you're also caring about the characters and punching the air. The scripting is excellent, balancing the dramatic bits with the ludicrous bits. The art is pretty good, I'd say, and it's improving constantly. Dr. McNinja reads like a classic Marvel comic, but it also reads like a madcap indie humor book. You get the best of both worlds.

The comic now has a print collection, and you can buy it (along with some other stuff) at the site's store. That's great to see. Check it out; it will tickle your funnybone and kick you in the face, probably at the same time. Like I said, Dr. McNinja's got everything I want from comics-- action, adventure, drama, pathos, unabashed tomfoolery, and plain ol' fun. It's an injection of awesome right into your brain.

It would also make the best Adult Swim show ever. But why should it? Hahah! The comics medium has it, and it's here to stay. Rock on, McNinja. God bless the internet. (For more information on Dr. McNinja, there's a surprisingly detailed Wiki. Cool!)Alright, your turn! What's your favorite webcomic?

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