365 Reasons to Love Comics #23

Supporting Characters Week, Day Three: Season of the Witch.

Looks like the suspenses have it. Also, I apologize to any readers without high-speed internet, as I'm probably destroying your modem with each post. Sometimes, though, there's just too many good images, and I find myself unable to contain my enthusiasm. So I put them all up. I promise it's worth the wait on dial-up. Today's featured covers will knock your socks off.

Today's entry is about a cool dude who doesn't show up anymore, even though he's a great character and has appeared multiple times outside of comics. You could say he's an old favorite of mine. Wait, spelled that wrong.


23. Bibbo Bibbowski

I meant fav'rit. As Bibbo (star of one of the greatest covers of all time, if the above image is any indication) is my fav'rit, so too is Superman his.

Really. I swear. They're great pals. Don't let that one fool you.

In fact, when Superman died, Bibbo took up the mantle himself. Yeah, he was Superdood. Forget those other posers in that silly Reign. Bibbo was the only guy who knew they were all fakes. Even Lois was fooled, if you recall, but not Bibbo.

Who owned the *real* Post-Crisis Krypto? Bibbo. And he wasn't an untrainable mutt from space, he was a regular ol' dog who hung out with Superboy.

Bibbo's an old boxer and longshoreman. Okay, so he's Popeye. There's nothing wrong with that. He's better than Popeye, anyway, because he's powered by beer rather than spinach. Now, however, he runs the best bar in Metropolis, the Ace o' Clubs, and he's Superman's #1 fan. He's saved Big Blue's life on a few occasions, too.

Bibbo has almost no internet presence and only a few rare cover appearances. Bibbo needs your internet love, readers!

After all, he's shown up on the Superman and Justice League animated series (voiced by Brad Garrett, I think); he was on Lois & Clark once (played by Troy Evans, the guy who plays Frank the desk dude on ER); and he even showed up in the major motion picture, Superman Returns, played by none other than Jack Larson, the old-timey Jimmy Olsen:

The credits only called him "Bo," but we know what they really meant.

As much as Bibbo is played for laughs, he's also been portrayed as a sympathetic and noble human being, inspired by a larger-than-life hero to be the best man he can be. That's why I love him, and why you should, too.

What've you got to say for yourself, Bibbo?

"Da fug!"

What? That's not what we rehearsed!

"Oh, das' right. Uh... support your local C-List supporting characters, or I'll paste ya one!"

Well put, Bibbo. Well put. And Merry Christmas.

"Wha? Not again!"

Are these the only Bibbo covers that exist? If you, faithful reader, know of more, please, let me know! The world has to be made aware of the greatness of Bibbo Bibbowski!

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