365 Reasons to Love Comics #21

The people have spoken, and it looks like another theme week is upon us.

As faithful CSBG reader Ian Astheimer put it, "Supporting characters need support!" And I agree. Are you ready for Supporting Characters Week? (Or maybe fortnight, if I keep coming up with ideas). Day One commences... now!


21. Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones III

As far as second bananas go, Jughead takes the cake. Literally. He loves cake. Well, he loves all food, really.

But he's always got Archie's back, and that's what counts.

Jughead's not a fan of the ladies, however. Wikipedia tells me this is because he never got over his first love, but I think we all know that he's more into dudes. Archie Comics would never make that official, of course, but we readers know better, eh? Okay, maybe not. Big Ethel would be crushed.

He's lazy, he's hungry, and he wears a crown. Jughead is the king of cool. He could probably leap further over a shark than Fonzie.

He's easily my favorite cast member of the Archie universe. But only Betty comes close, I guess.

Jughead's also been featured in an exorbitant amount of spin-offs. There was Jughead's Diner, Jughead as Captain Hero (it lasted longer than Archie as Pureheart the Powerful), Jughead as a deadbeat dad (okay, okay, it's his kid sister), a comic featuring Jughead's dog, Hot Dog, and even Jughead's Time Police:

I'd like to hear the story behind that one. (And there are more spinoffs where that came from, but the covers aren't as cool).

I've only given you a taste of Jughead brilliance. If you want to know more, just mosey on over to Jughead's Wikipedia entry. It is surprisingly in-depth.

Anyway, Jughead is a terrific character, and very worthy of showin g up on a list of Best Supporting Characters. Without Jughead, the Archie Universe just wouldn't be as fun as it is.

So go out and buy yourself a a Jughead Double Digest!

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