365 Reasons to Love Comics #2

Two days in a row? I'm on fire!

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2. Stan Lee

Here's is swingin' 70's Stan "The Man":

And here is an older, wiser Stan, ready to kick your ass:

Let's be honest here, you all saw this one coming after yesterday's.

I'll admit it, I fell out of love with Stan for a long stretch there, even after he was my childhood idol. He stopped being cool. He started being a sell-out. I began giving more credit to the artists. That kinda thing.

But, you know, Who Wants to Be a Superhero brought back the love. I couldn't believe it myself. I figured the show would be stupid and that Stan had gone crazy.

It was stupid. And he *did* go crazy! Hence, it was brilliant. (I still want a Fat Momma comic, consarn it.)

And that, friends, is why Stan Lee is cool. He's the last remaining titan of the comics industry. He created or co-created all the bits of the Marvel Universe that people actually care about. And he's bat-guano insane.

And dammit, I liked Ravage 2099.

So happy several-days-belated birthday, Stan.

For extra fun, here's a YouTube video of Stan on the old game show To Tell the Truth. It's been making it's way around the internet lately, and you may have seen it. Hell, maybe it was on this blog. I have a terrible memory.

See you tomorrow.

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