365 Reasons to Love Comics #18

Acronym Week: Day Five. Almost as good as Day Five of Panda Watch.

Today's entry is about something actually important. Well, I mean, yesterday's was important too, but not important in the sense that today's is important. Savvy?



The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!

The CBLDF is a non-profit organization here to provide financial help in order to protect the First Amendment rights for comics creators, publishers, and retailers by covering legal expenses. So yeah, it's the most important acronym in the comics industry.

The CBLDF is a wonderful reason to love comics. After all, it's headed by people who love comics and want to protect others who feel the same and end up in unnecessary trouble. Currently, the case of Georgia vs. retailer Gordon Lee is getting ready to head to trial, and the CBLDF is coming to the rescue. Retailers keep getting slapped with ridiculous obscenity charges. The worst part is, many of them end up losing because the opposing side's argument consists entirely of "Comics are for kids! Think of the children!" The public is misinformed as to the audience and diversity of the comics medium.

The CBLDF sells some cool stuff in order to raise money for their cause. They published More Fund Comics and Even More Fund Comics, for instance:

If you want to help kick censorship's ass, then please, donate to the CBLDF. It's good for society and it's tax deductible. Everybody loves tax deductions!

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